Sponsored Factory Ski Doo Racer Jay Mentaberry at work on his 2015 TMS 872 Etec Improved Stock and yes winning in the highly competive RMSHA Hillclimb Circuit!

The WAK PAK from out East continues to score many wins on there  600-700-800 and 872 Mods, Great job Guys!!

Our ROTAX Race engine packages have won all major events in all forms of Racing today. X-Games, King of the Hill-Jackson Wyoming, Brainerd Asphalt Shootout, Snow-Cross, Hillcross, Hillclimbs, Grass Drags
and continue everyday. We have been building and winning with the Rotax engine packages for over 35 years!

We offer many different packages for the Rotax Engine at this time, best to call on packages as each one is built for the specific customers application.

600 HO-RS

Our 600 Snowcross-Hillcross engines are getting close to the 160 horsepower range. We offer many different parts and improvements for this great engine,

Crank lighten and balance, pin centers, weld pins, lighten by 1.50 pounds
$ call for pricing

Ceramic Bearing Options

Race Porting,

Race piston rings, chrome face , tighter end gap,
$35.00 each

We stock Rotax Race pipes for the XP Chassis, 600-700-800.

800 HO

Our 800 HO race engine packages have won the X-Games Snowcross at Aspen plus many RMSHA Hillclimbs, Hillcross and Hilldrag events, This great engine is now making over 190 Horsepower. We offer many different parts and improvements for this engine.
Some available options,
Crank lighten, balance, reduces weight 1.5 pounds, Ceramic Bearings, Custom CNC case porting, Cylinder race porting, many different dome options.
Call for pricing!


Our 800R race engine is now making over 200 Horsepower after 3 years of developing this great engine, We offer many options , including crank lighting by 1.5 pounds, balancing, ceramic bearings, race cyl porting, rave mods for gas port style, custom race pistons, Mods for RPM ranges of 8500 up to 8800, We stock Rotax twin pipes for the XP chassis, many different dome options.
Call for pricing!

872 R

This engine is the one to beat on the hillclimb, hillcross, snowdrag circuits accross the country. Louie Golbach won so many events in 2009-2011 season it was hard to keep up with. As well as Justin Tates domination at Duluth Hillcross, we have developed a great package for this 872 Rotax Engine, Horsepower figures will not be published on this one!
Tom Roby dominated the 2011 Jackson hole hillclimb in the open improved class,

All 860 race engines can be updated to new 872 style for more power and durability and new porting designs,

Call for pricing and options!



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