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Our in House SuperFlow 901 Engine Dyno is just one of the tools used to develop our superior line of Rotax Engine Products. At Trygstad Motorsports we have over $100,000 invested in our Dyno facility for our development use only . Note we do not offer rental time of our dyno facility,

Just one of our Shop Tools that helps us produce the best performing Rotax Engines on the Planet!  Each piston gets 9 different CNC machining stages done before the specific coatings are applied!!

We have introduced our newest improvement to our highly successful exclusive 872 line of products!
Over the past year and a half we have designed a completely new piston from the ground up, Starting with a completely new mold design, Changing the complete design of our existing proven piston used over the past 4 years, Our new piston is a direct replacement for all previous 872 builds.

Our new custom piston is manufactured by one of the largest and most respected companies in the world and is of the cast design as Rotax-Ski Doo uses in all of there engines built today!  At Trygstad Motorsports a forged design piston will never be used in any engine builds with all of there inherited problems that exist with that inferior line of product! This is a well know fact many try to hide!

Our new state of the art piston is (not made in CHINA) as a few select want to be engine builders continue to claim!

At Trygstad Motorsports we continue daily with research and development to continue to make our proven line of products the best available,

We stock over 1000 of our 872 pistons at this time and always will have them available, This huge financial investment is just another step to provide our customers with the best products available while separating us from the parts changers that might stock 10 pistons for there claimed products!

Our new 872 Piston has shown the expected results with a power gain of 2 plus horsepower on our SuperFlow dyno and a huge increase in low end torque and throttle response and even making it smoother running than the original product, These results are from a huge amount of time and costs to us just to give the consumer a continued superior product!! Everyone that has installed these as a update has noticed the advertised gains that we have developed! This piston design was a long process working with design engineers and many hours of Reserch and Development to come up with the final design, This 872 new design piston is the most technically advanced product ever for a Rotax Snowmobile Engine application of any Bore Size!

We have designed and machined our new 872 piston to make this product the smoothest running of any Rotax R or Etec engine- working with the total weight as well as the piston pin to dome balance with machining programs and casting designs to match our product to the out of balance problems that BRP-SkiDoo has with this engine.

This piston alone has 9 specified CNC machining programs applied at our in house Haas CNC milling center before our specific coatings are applied, Our new machining center has allowed us now to do a portion of our cylinder porting with CNC accuracy!


872 Etec finished piston for 2016 season builds.