TMS 872 Snow Wests Project Sled of the Year!

Our race inspired cylinder porting designs are developed with countless hours of R&D utilizing the finest tools available to provide the highest available horsepower and torque that these Rotax engines are capable of producing while maintaining the proven reliability that our products have to offer. 

Sponsored Racer Jay Mentaberry on his way to a Win at the Pinedale RMSHA event March 8-2015 in the highly contested Pro 1000 Improved Stock Class on his TMS 872 Etec.


We stock clutch kits for all of our 872 builds at all elevations and applications, We do more testing than anyone on the planet and can provide clutch tuning aspects for all level of customer requests with our over 40 years of racing and building of our line of Ski Doo Performance Products!

Joey @ Ibackshift has applied his talent to many 872's from the Western US mountains, Across all Canada, Alaska, Sweden and more, He has added a 872 Etec to his own personal vehicle at this time to further develop and harness the power that is produced by this engine package.

​                                        New video of SNOWEST SLED OF THE YEAR 2016- March 2016.

With our 2022 product we are now producing this will be our 11 th year, 2010.5-2017  Building the 872 Etec Summit Big Bore!

Our 872 Etec and R developed engine packages are the most powerful-reliable and smoothest running available in the market today!  Many of these 872 builds have over 5000 miles on them just ridden daily!

​​​​​872 Etec Big Bore kit includes the following,
Modifying customer supplied Cylinder, head, Rave Valves,
Package Price  $ 

Cylinder boring, our updated developed porting designs, Cylinder head machining, Our exclusive custom Cast coated pistons , Top Bearings, Piston pin, circlips OEM specific base gasket, OEM inner and outer O-rings.

Note: Coolant manifold is no longer included in 872 kits.

Our developed fuel enricher system for additional fuel delivery which is required on our 872 Big Bore Package! (not pictured).

* Call for pricing on outright purchase of new cylinder, head, rave valve package to keep your stock components if requested. We always have new 872 etec Kits in stock and available for purchase, 2015.

Each 872 Etec customer build is designed for the specific application and desired use, We have at this time 12 different compression ratios available from pump fuel to blends for all elevations. All are machined and developed in house.

We are so specialized in this package that we have now developed different cylinder porting parameters for both low and high elevations to extract the most horsepower and torque out of this superior product line for each specific requested customer 872 build.

All cylinder bores are deck plate simulated honed to correct for small amount of distortion done to cyl bore when head and bolts are installed and also honed to our exact final specs with our in house Diamond honing equipment!

Cylinder head ratios can be updated as needed for the 872 Etec builds, example sled being sold or moved to a different elevation or application, These changes are done by us with our CNC equipment or substituted with another cylinder head.  We document all 872 builds as per all specs, build date, orig customer and all parameters done to provide customers with service in the future


We are proud to announce that there are 100 Ski Doo/BRP dealers that are installing are line of performance products, Along with 15 independent performance shops.

They range from Eastern US states through out the western mountain states and our friends in Alberta and
British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alaska, Sweden.

They have all installed our highly successful 872R BB and 872 Etec products, Many will have a demo 872 available for test rides also, This has proven to be the best way for customers to see and try one out for themselves!

Some  of the competition is still speculating on what will work and what will not on this vehicle, Making many claims and attacks on our company and proven line of products! This continues daily from specific claimed
builders that attempt to copy and post unrealistic claims against our superior line of products! Choose your Ski Doo engine builder wisely, Some will consist of just a two car garage with nothing more than a workbench and have a guy up the street do some ​magic porting? and fabricate Dyno numbers as they have never seen one with many claims and false information being offered on a keyboard!  Some even go so far as advertising racing! A win at a county fair does not qualify for bragging rites as far as sanctioned race wins go!  We continue to convert the 880 and 860 from others that simply do not perform into the TMS 872 for both the R and Etec engines all season long.

This great product makes 186-190 plus Horsepower with a huge torque band on our in house State of the art Super Flow 901 Engine Dyno Facility! We put our exclusive 872 builds through some of the toughest Dyno runs possible with our computer controlled and designed run programs ranging from break in cycles to 30 minute simulated real time runs, Nothing gets by with a easy quick dyno run here!!

We have kits available for pump fuel to race fuel blends for even more performance!
And yes these will run with and go places that the fading turbo market sleds will not ! Many of our customers have sold their unreliable turbo sleds and bought this product!

* Our continued development of this engine package with our new piston design has produced the smoothest performing Big Bore available which also helps produce additional horsepower with our product! (BRP missed the dynamic balance on this engine in stock form). First thing customers notice is handlebars do not shake as in stock form, Silky smooth from idle-7950 RPM!

         TMS 872 ETEC

Our 872 rebuild kit includes the following items, 2 of our exclusive custom cast pistons with rings, piston pins and circlips, oem brp spec base gasket and cylinder o-rings as pictured, 

Our included service consists of a precision Diamond Honing of customers cylinder, checking deck height and surface, cleaned and ready to install. Update of cylinder head ratio if requested on the Etec builds.

Total cost for above service and parts, $ 525.00

We have many customers in there 3rd or 4th year rebuilding there 872 with this kit and moving it to there new sled they purchase each year, Some of these kits have over 6000 miles total on the components!

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