RMSHA hillclimbs are just one of the venues we test and win with our proven line of ROTAX Performance Products !

Trent Handsacker on his way to a win in Improved Stock 1000 with his TMS 872 in 2015!

​​​​​​As of this time the only mods we are offering for the Etec line of vehicles for the standard bore 800 is as follows.

Our porting designs for this great performing vehicle are specific for determined elevations, low elevation and high elevations require different porting designs to obtain the most performance available with our product.

Cylinder porting is available for all elevations for the E-tec
Our porting has gains through entire powerband, We see huge differances in production porting heights and shapes of these cast cylinders, This is why some vehicles run much better than others, Gains of 12 horsepower average.

Price $600.00
Includes porting, diamond hone, oem base gasket. Need customer cylinder and rave valves,

On average gains on our porting package will result in adding 2-3 grams per each pin for the gains in additional power to keep rpm at desired rpm-7950!!

Cylinder porting on this vehicle works great, And if you decide later to move up to our 872 BB package we will
credit a portion paid for porting towards BB kit!

Cylinder head outright, cut for specified elevations and fuel blends.

Price $375.00.
Call for price on customer supplied head cut.

On all E-tec vehicles we recommend only the stock muffler.
All marketed cans-silencers tested loose power and hurt performance on this model,  ( 6HP gain Y-pipes  simply do not exist- we have tested them all!)

800 E-TEC      2011-2016

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