TMS received a new G4-850 summit in early April of 2016 Directly from Ski-doo to develop a new Big Bore and other performance modifications that owners of new summits are looking for. We were 5 years ahead of "the competitions" big bores with our 872 Etec engine package and are way ahead of the curve with G4 products despite what they may say or think!

    TMS did a number of limited builds of the G4-927 big bores for 12 of our past 872 customers to prove durability and further develop the new engine package with many updates through out the season, great success and a very happy group of 927 customers. The TMS G-4 927 is the most developed engine product we have ever done here at our Engine Development Facility with tons of time on our in house SuperFlow Dyno Facility and 30 Plus days in the Western Mountains testing ourselves.

     The crew at TMS in a 4 month period has logged over 30 days in the mountains with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 11,000 feet  along with countless dyno hours extensively testing and developing our G4 products to deliver the best performing and most reliable 850 performance products available. Low elevation testing and calibrations are completed also on the G4-927. TMS does not and never will market any product to gain a sale until it is fully developed and completely meets our quality standards which is why we are proud to announce we are offering a WARRANTY on our 927 big bore kit when installed through our network of qualified BRP dealers.

    We pride our self on the development of the 927 engine package which has resulted in an engine that is smoother than stock, and is extremely quick spooling getting you up on the snow quicker than anything else out there. When you purchase a TMS 927 kit you will get everything in the base kit required to be ready to ride including pre-programmed fuel controller and clutching/gearing calibrated for your specific application.

TMS G4 - 927 pricing starts at $2,400.00  and includes

-927 Kit-with customer supplied cylinder, head and rave valves.

-Fuel controller- program installed for each application.

-Calibrated clutching package- Summit and Freeride vehicles.

V-Force reeds that we helped develop for the G-4 engine can be added for the cost of 175.00 with our engine packages.

-Discounted prices for our 872 customers at TMS moving up to the new dominate power on the mountain - The new G4-927!

    When you purchase a 927 kit you will get everything required to "pull the rope and go" once the engine is installed by one of our certified dealers. Over the course of last winter we worked with two different fuel controllers ( power commander V and custom TMS dobeck) to give our customers options to suit their specific needs. We had 4 G4 summit shop sleds this last winter in with different packages to develop a tune for just about every track length, rider size and engine package available. 

     We are the only Rotax performance shop on the planet that has the foresight and technology to diamond hone and finish nikasil to what we have found to be the perfect finish and bore size from our continued dyno and durability testing in real world applications. Everything at TMS is done in house with the exception of cylinder plating which we take and finish to our specific application.  

  The first weekend a TMS 927 hit the hill on the RMSHA circuit it took the win with Tom Roby leading the way.There were many more 1-5 finishes throughout the season with much more to come next year when our racers have our products on the G4 freeride package.   

Horsepower and torque numbers are off the chart on this amazing build!

Ski Doo factory racer Jay Mentaberry dominated the 1000 improved class at the RMSHA circuit during the 2018 season with wins and end of year point championship on board the TMS G-4 927!

2017-2019 SUMMIT G4 927


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