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Cylinder kit with domes available for 800HO and 800R, Many dome ratios available. $290.00


Complete 800R rebuilds available, include BRP rebuilt crankshaft, Brp-oem pistons, all new bearings and gaskets, isoflex grease, diamond hone cyl, assembled, And yes our crankshafts are straightened as close as possible usually within .001 runout or less! We only use BRP-OEM parts which are also the most expensive in our engine rebuilds, no cheap aftermarket pistons, gaskets, bearings, seals used here.                                                                  


with customer supplied engine

800 R PRODUCTS-2007-2016

We've been developing this 800R Engine since 2005 before production began and have more time developing this engine than anyone.


Rotax missed the balance on this engine by a mile which is the reason your clutch parts wear out and your hands fall asleep to vibrations created by this design flaw. We have the cure for this issue with our balance option which will make this engine smooth and free up hidden power robbed by this issue, includes, balancing parts, pin centers, weld pins if requested, assembling crank and case assembly, grease bearings with OEM Rotax Iso Flex grease,

$900.00 Plus parts (bearings, seals if needed)


Our cylinder porting gains an average of 12 Horsepower. We have developed this product to gain on both midrange and top end power maintaining stock RPM range, Factory casting of ports are the reason some stock machines run better than others. We prep all cylinders to our developed specs, includes diamond honing of cylinders, rave mods, oem base gasket.



We have the best  available cylinder head for the 800R. Stock shell is machined for our domes and available for all elevations,  0-3000, 3000-6000 and 6000 feet and above. We have selected to use stock head shell which has the correct water flow for better cooling.

$290.00 exchange head required.


The only piston we are using at this time is the BRP-OEM product in the standard bore engine, The new 2015 version product from BRP is the only choice for this engine for both performance and reliability as developed by the Design team at Rotax in Austria for there superior line of products.

We stock both the 800R and 800 Etec versions,  The option of a ceramic heat barrier coating applied to the dome area is also available and recommended.

Call for pricing,


The v-force reed petal is the best product made for the 800R Engine. Works best with cylinder porting and head mods.

$200.00 if purchased with engine work.

*We do not offer any aftermarket single exhaust pipes, silencer cans for 800R models, no gains were found in our testing of any products available.

800R Performance